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Amazon RDS

Posted in Cloud Computing, Distributed Systems on October 27, 2009 by swaminathans

Today, my team launched Amazon RDS, a new AWS service that offers relational database in the AWS Cloud. Amazon RDS provides a managed relational database in the cloud and the service does the heavy lifting done by DBAs such as provisioning, monitoring database health, managing automated backups, point-in-time recovery, creating/restoring snapshots, adding storage space on the fly, changing compute power for your database, etc.., all through simple Web service calls. Get started in few minutes!

A Word about Persistence: One size does not fit all.

The scalability, reliability and performance of a platform is heavily dependent on how it manages their data. In Amazon, we believe that when it comes to persistence: one size does not fit all. Pick the right data management platform based on your application’s needs. For people, who require a highly available and highly durable key-value store, we have Amazon S3. For people requiring raw disk in the cloud – we have Amazon EBS. For, people who want to store and query structured data in the cloud and don’t want to actively manage its scalability, we have Amazon SimpleDB.

One of the biggest features our customer has been asking us has been to provide a managed relational database service in the cloud. The need for their relational database can be due to various reasons: programming familiarity, dealing with existing applications already built for relational databases, need for complex transactions and joins which are relational databases’ forte. If you fall in this category, you will be happy with Amazon RDS.

For more details on Amazon RDS, take a look at:

Job Openings in Cloud Computing

Posted in Cloud Computing on October 13, 2009 by swaminathans

I’m looking for some really smart people who would like to work on building large scale distributed systems to join my team. We have various positions open : right from beginners to senior technical leaders.

In an earlier post, my boss, Werner Vogels, summarized qualifications he expects his ideal candidates to meet in a blog post that he wrote 5 years ago. My standards are no different :).

I’m looking for candidates who can meet these requirements. If you’re a beginner (college grad or so), then ideally you should be willing to get to that skill level soon. So, if you’re interested in building such large scale systems, send me your CV to my email: