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Taking on a new role in AWS Database Services

Posted in Cloud Computing, NoSQL on October 12, 2010 by swaminathans

As many of you know me and my work, I’ve always been passionate about building large scale distributed systems. I’m glad to have had the opportunity to work in teams that built great systems like Amazon Dynamo, Amazon CloudFront, and Amazon RDS. Moreover, I had the opportunity to learn from some exceptionally smart people like Werner Vogels, Al Vermuellen and James Hamilton.

I am personally thrilled to see the momentum Dynamo has created in the NoSQL world and was personally excited to talk about in the NoSQL meetups. Similarly, I have been amazed at the rapid adoption of RDS and its Multi-AZ features.

So far, in AWS, I’ve been working as a Principal Engineer (aka Architect) in charge of the architecture and implementation of these systems. Recently, I took on a new role to manage and lead the non-relational database services team in AWS in a leadership role. I’ll be leading the SimpleDB team and couple of other internal teams and looking at ways to build scalable data access primitives. I’m super excited to to join this incredibly smart team and deliver some great systems.

On this note, I’m actively hiring for my teams, see here. If you’re interested in joining a team that is building what will be the blueprint for scalable datastores, then please send me a note ( I’m looking for highly talented engineers.

NoSQL meetup

Posted in NoSQL on August 24, 2010 by swaminathans

This week, I’ll be giving a talk to the NoSQL Seattle community about “Building Scalable Distributed Systems”. I’m super-excited to meet this really active community, which is passionate about building and running large scale systems.  I’m also curious to hear about Ben about Riak and about the Hue framework. More details about the meetup can be found here.

See you there on the NoSQL meetup this Wednesday evening!